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GoPro Remote Holder

GoPro Remote Holder


GoPro cameras are the first choice for filming motorcycle journeys, but how do you switch them on? There is voice control, but sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. Think that is something to do with ambient noise inside your helmet? There is quick start, one push on the GoPro camera button and it records, yep try that in the middle of a fast bend! Then there is the GoPro Remote. Designed to switch on up to 5 cameras at the exact same moment, which is a great help in editing. For a number of years I made a simple method of attaching the Smart Remote (still available on this site for GoPros up to Hero 7) to a bike and then suddenly the Remote was changed with the release of HERO 8 onwards. This new attachment is very difficult to make but in use works much better than the original. It can easily be taken off, even while having a coffee, or for charging at night. However all you have to do is run a cable and you can charge while riding. As an added bonus there is an additional 1" RAM ball mount for that second GoPro, make the cable long enough and you can use it to charge the camera as well! see the YouTube video.

GoPro Remote is NOT included

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