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GoPro Smart Remote Bracket up to HERO 7

GoPro Smart Remote Bracket up to HERO 7


You absolutely need a firmly fixed remote to turn on your GoPro's. This mount, which does NOT include the remote itself of course, replaces the bolt that attaches your clutch lever to the handlebar. It comes with the GoPro clip, drilled out to take the bolt and slightly bent to make it easier to read the display while riding. Depending on your height you may want to bend it a little more in a vice! A stainless spacer to makes the whole idea work. Fits 2010-present RT's and K1600's. But please be aware that this is for the older GoPro SMART REMOTE which was used to switch on the early Hero 7 cameras up to HERO 7.

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    All UK orders £2.00 Royal Mail first Class Delivery

    Everywhere else in the world Royal Mail large letter (up to 750grams, so one or all sent at the same time): £12.00

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